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Cedar Community Apartments

Abode Services Housing Community in Newark, California

Affordable Housing For Those Experiencing and At Risk of Homelessness

Cedar Community Apartments is one of Abode Services’ supportive housing apartment buildings in Alameda County. The site is at 39802 Cedar Blvd in the city of Newark, CA. It stems from a partnership with the City of Newark, Alameda County, Housing Authority of the County of Alameda, the State of California’s Homekey program and the Corporation for Supportive Housing.

All 124 units are for households who are extremely low-income, which is is 30% Area Median Income (AMI). Current income limits are as follows: 1-person: $30,000; 2-person: $34,300; 3-person: $38,600; 4-person: $42,850; 5-person: $46,300.

60 units are for households who have experienced homelessness, and the other 64 are set aside for people at risk of homelessness.

Building and Managing Communities

Abode creates communities that provide stable quality housing with a strong sense of place, designed to address homelessness through permanent supportive housing. Abode works with its sister entities, Allied Housing and Housing for Independent People, to build and manage new sites and to renovate and convert existing housing. Cedar is one of several Bay Area housing sites that Abode is developing and/or managing as part of its mission to end homelessness.

Amenities and Neighborhood

  • 124 total units
  • 57 studios, 38 one-bedroom units, 29 two-bedroom units
  • Two 4-story buildings
  • Private full bathroom, kitchen, and living room
  • All units at-grade or serviced by elevator
  • Common areas include community room, laundry, landscaped open space, and gated parking
  • Close to grocery store, pharmacy, restaurants, retail, and freeway, with bus stop in front of the property
  • Site-based case management services

60 Permanent Supportive Units

  • Referrals are received through Coordinated Entry and the Veterans Administration.
  • Tenants are provided Project Based Voucher (PBV) by Housing Authority of County of Alameda.
  • Monthly rent is 30% of household income as determined by the PBV program.

64 Units For Those At Risk of Homelessness

  • Complete our qualifications application during the application acceptance period to join Cedar’s waitlist.
  • Monthly rent is $400 (studio), $550 (one-bedroom), and $625 (two-bedroom).*

(*As of October 2022, subject to annual increases based on local ordinances.)

Apartment Interior Rooms

Typical Bedroom Finishes, Fixtures And Furnishings

Typical Bedroom

Typical Kitchen

Typical Kitchen

Typical Living Room

Typical Living Room

Standard Guest Room Full Bathroom

Typical Bathroom

Abode Services is one of the largest and most effective nonprofits working to end homelessness in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more at